Where are they now?4th June 2016

20th April marked 3 years since our very first day of training with 14 Leader Mentors on our pilot programme in Goma. To celebrate we thought we’d let you know what they are doing now!




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MEDI – Having set up local social-action organisation BADEN Developpement andthe childrens project Watoto Vacanc’art, Medi has now stepped into the role of Team Leader for The Congo Tree! He is also currently studying Economics and Financial Management at ULPGL.

FIDELE – After his internship with The Congo Tree, Fidele took on the role of Finance Officer with The Congo Tree. He works full-time for a local NGO working for the protection of women.

ELYSEE  – Elysee is mum to a gorgeous 3 year old daughter, and volunteers with Rudi International, a project that works to support education, especially for children and women.

ALAIN T  – Alain now works at the Bank of Africa, a job he got almost as soon as he finished his studies. At our recent graduation event, Alain gave his testimony of how his training with The Congo Tree supported his personal development and self-confidence, helped him secure his job, and continues to remind him how to improve and work with others.

FRED – Fred was arrested in October 2015 at a conference that was promoting young people’s involvement in the democratic process and is still being held in prison in Kinshasa. An inspiring leader with integrity, Fred is still in regular contact with The Congo Tree team, and is staying positive and strong whilst Amnesty International and others continue to campaign for his release.

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ARSENE – Arsene was our first engagement Intern. He is the co-founder of Rudi International, an organisation working to support women and children’s education in DRC, and now runs his own business. An inspiring leader, Arsene is well known in the Goma community. He has worked for Peace One Day and recently undertook the YALI internship programme in Washington DC. He remains a facilitator and ambassador for The Congo Tree.

ALAIN K – Alain was a guard with Tearfund when he started his training, and continued in this role for a number of years, whilst also training as a Congo Tree facilitator.

JULIEN M – Julien has just finished his studies in Community Development, and is currently job-hunting. He is volunteering in a number of roles, including as a new Congo Tree facilitator, and has just started to support us with some community research.

BELYDIA – Lydia is studying Finance at ULPGL and is now our Operations Intern. Lydia has continued to support The Congo Tree over the past 3 years and is excited to be part of the DRC Team.

GRACIA – Gracia moved to Kinshasa last year to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. She is currently working at a bank, and still supports Rudi International and World Changers, a group of young people who meet to learn together and discuss world issues.

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MOISE – Moise has set up a business with a friend, selling mobile phones and other electronic items. He is now based in Kindu, in the heart of Congo, with regular trips to Dubai – he and his friend now have 3 shops in Kindu and have further expansion plans. Moise has remained in contact with The Congo Tree and is interested to see when the WYLD programme will reach Kindu!

GRACE – Grace finished her internship with us last year and has continued to be a trusted ambassador and facilitator with The Congo Tree. She is finishing her studies at ULPGL, whilst also volunteering with Rudi International and the Amani Festival.

JULIEN F – Julien was the first of the pilot programme trainees to secure a full-time job after the training – at the Bank of Africa. He credits part of his success in interview and in getting a swift promotion to his training with The Congo Tree and how it opened his eyes to his strengths and weaknesses, how to continually learn and develop, and how to work well with others.

MICHEE – Michee was an intern with The Congo Tree for just 3 months before he was offered a place on a prestigious training scheme in Kinshasa to become a civil servant. He has now completed his training and remains in Kinshasa in a full-time job in government. He is also still in regular contact with The Congo Tree, and is using his contacts in Kinshasa to help us with our legal registration in DRC.