UK Work: Schools and Youth Groups16th October 2014

Our UK team are available to work in and with primary and secondary schools, youth groups and businesses all over the UK in a number of ways:

■  To facilitate sessions on a variety of topics such as communication skills, problem-solving challenges, conflict resolution, leadership skills, life as a refugee, being a ‘Peace-Maker’.
■  To run information sessions on the situation in Democratic Republic of Congo. 
■  The WYLD Programme is available as a 3-4 day team-building and personal development retreat for your school or organisation, or we can look to create a training programme specific to you.
■  We have also developed an exciting set of Global Citizenship curriculum packages for Key Stages  3 and 4, and can also support teachers with further curriculum development in Global Citizenship and humanities. 

Please contact us if you would like to find out more at 

St Mary Magdalene

A word from Colette Goring-Farrow, Head of Student Voice at Denbigh School, Milton Keynes:

“Denbigh students were proud to work to raise money for the Congo Tree. Students in years 7-9 learnt about the DRC and the work of the Congo Tree in their humanities lessons, and agreed that the work done by the charity is brilliant and a really sustainable solution.  Students were so enthusiastic on the Charity day, bring stationary and money in.  It was brilliant to welcome in Heidi and Amy into some lessons to do the team building activities that the leaders do with young people in the DRC – they learnt so much”