WYLD- Adapted25th July 2020

Since March we have had to suspended our monthly meetings because of the COVID-19.

We held our first meeting at the beginning of this month, July 2020. Due to the 20 people gathering limit we had to adapt the way in which we met. We organised four meetings bringing together just 14 young people per session. The young people loved the session and enjoyed it because they had a moment of reunion after a long time of separation. It was a moment to share about all that we have experienced during the past three months and what actions they had to carry out in the community whilst also sharing their understanding of COVID-19 and what the community has to say about this disease.

During this session, we evaluated the different sessions that we shared through messages and video during the lockdown. The session focused on problem solving, identity, inspiration and creativity. We did a small recap together but also had feedback from the young people on what they understood as well as how it was practical in the community. The young people gave their honest impressions on the strategies that we had to implement during the period of isolation but they also presented each of the concrete actions that were carried out in the community by themselves as Leaders. It was a great moment of exchange but also of cohesion between the young people after a long period of time away.

two people sitting close and discussing

After the different evaluation moments of the session, we had time to allow Mentor and Mentee to have some time to discuss about the continuation of their relationship after a long time of just virtual contact.

The team and young people are glad to be back to a version of normality as one young leader shares:

“After this long period of being away, I am happy to be back with my Leader friends, the people with whom we can reflect on our personal development but also on the development of our community. It’s really good to have seen them, especially to be with my mentee after three months of physical distance. I am also happy because The Congo Tree has inspired me a lot and during this period of COVID-19, I couldn’t simply fold my arms, my role was to ask my community to respect the different measures of hygiene and it worked well.  I continue to try and influence and be an example for many people” AZORE KASEREKA,  Mentor