What does peace look like?22nd November 2015

Celebrating International Peace Day on 21st September really got us thinking about what peace is, what peace looks like, and what it is to be peace-makers in our families and communities. Our thoughts and chats stimulated some real creativity.

Inspired by something from the awesome team at CAFOD, one group of young people created their own poem of what they think peace looks like, whilst another group worked together in a local music studio to record their song. Check them out below:



Poème Pour la Paix Selon The Congo Tree

La paix est l’absence de la guerre,
La paix est une situation de tranquillité,
La paix est ce sourire que je donne à l’autre quel qu’il soit pour lui partager ma joie,
La paix est la cessation de toute sorte d’hostilité,
La paix est la satisfaction d’un besoin,
La paix est la pratique du bien,
La paix est une situation d’attente,
La paix est la tranquillité du cœur plein d’amertume,
La paix est la bonne conscience dans le royaume des inconscients,
La paix est la réconciliation,
La paix est la stabilité de l’esprit,
La paix est la construction d’une famille.
Peace is the absence of war,
Peace is a situation of tranquillity,
Peace is the smile that I give to another to share my joy with them,
Peace is the end to all kinds of hostility,
Peace is the satisfaction of a need,
Peace is doing good,
Peace is a position of waiting,
Peace is the calming of a heart full of bitterness,
Peace is good conscience in the realm of the subconscious,
Peace is reconciliation,
Peace is the stability of the spirit,
Peace is building a family.

‘Amani’ by The Congo Tree


Peace 3