Focus on Mentoring – Masisi24th July 2020

The following testimony is from one of our Young Leaders who has been part of the WYLD programme since December 2019.

“I am Enock, I am 18 years old and I am from Masisi where I was born and grew up and where I am now going through secondary school. It is since December 2019 that I had the chance to be in the leadership training programme with many other young people from Masisi who I didn’t know, but thanks to the programme I have created new relationships.

This training has allowed me to discover who I really am; in particular, by reflecting on my strengths as well as my weaknesses. I was really challenged by the training because I realised that I had to start thinking not like everyone else, but as a leader, even though I am still quite young. The culture in my village does not empower children who are not the eldest in their family, but with the way of thinking and the amount of knowledge received from The Congo Tree, I am now influencing some of the decisions in my family.

A great opportunity that I have received during my journey is to have a ‘Big Brother’ whom I call Mentor – Ngashai , a brother that I met for the first time in training but today he is a role model for me.  This brother is a great support for me, he accompanies me in this great journey of life and, above all, he invests in me the necessary resources for my personal development. During the period of our meeting at the training center I was going through some very challenging moments due to poverty within my family. It was very difficult and I even dropped out of school due to the lack of means to pay school fees. At the age of 18, dropping out of school was my nightmare come true and it started to push me to have bad ideas like joining an armed group. But my mentor was a great support and always showed me that there was hope at the end of the tunnel and would share his personal stories to give me strength again. Today I understand that for any situation there is always hope; it’s just being aware of who you are and becoming creative, whilst being supported.

At the beginning of our relationship, we set ourselves the goal of starting an activity that could help me support my family due to the fact that we were experiencing financial difficulties. After six months, I now have a small business to generating income, which is the sale of telephone credits.  I am succeeding in doing this because of my mentor, who also works in the same field and shares his knowledge: he is supporting me and guiding me in this activity.

Today, six months since we met, I can say that the mentoring has been really beneficial and a great success. I know that the next six months will be even better for accomplishing great things, especially for my community.

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