Social Action: The Chicken Project29th September 2016

It’s a typical sunny day in Goma as our DRC team head out to meet some of our Young Leaders and the new members of their social action group.

During their WYLD programme, the Young Leaders designed a project to support widows in their local community of the Keshero district of Goma, by breeding chickens. They presented their idea to a panel of local community members and social action experts, and won $100 to put it into action!

The basis of the idea was to buy 2 roosters and 4 hens, and let them breed, before giving these chickens to local women to continue breeding them to sell, or to sell their eggs. This would mean new income for that widow’s family, reducing their vulnerability and increasing their independance and opportunities available to them.

The Young Leaders have already increased the number of chickens with 9 new chicks born in the first few months, and will soon be ready to give them out to the selected widows – with some training and information first, of course! For now, one of the group – Cleophas – is taking care of them in a specially built shelter near his home.

In a few days, the Young Leaders will be meeting with Fele, the Food Security Manager at Tearfund, an NGO with expertise in Food Security and Livelihoods. They have questions for Fele about care and housing for the chickens, vaccinations and how to support breeding.  This will allow them to ensure that the training and information that they give is really useful and encouraging for those who will soon be taking care of a chicken.

Check back soon for an update…