Projet Ecole (Schools Project) – Goma10th December 2015

“We are very proud to be from this programme that shows us the path we must follow, but also allows us to use our abilities and skills to serve others. Now that I am a leader and I know what I’m called to do as a leader, I will be very useful not only for my school but also the entire community.” Miss Wivine

The Congo Tree currently works in four schools in Goma, where the students learnt about leadership through practical activities and games. These newly-trained pupils go on to serve as positive examples for the other students in their school, positively influencing their peers through creative problem-solving, decision making, and thinking skills. The mentoring programme is also another source of celebration for these young people who have understood that investing in and helping each other move forward is a testimony of love.

Schools project 4

“I’m not the same today as I was before the training. I don’t see things as I did before, but I now see how I can contribute to change because of my big role as a leader.” Joshua Mulindwa

These leadership training sessions have proved to be beneficial and the impact is already visible in the students’ lives in their community and in the school, as their teachers are happy to tell us.

“This training has had positive impacts on the behaviour of these students trained but also on all the students as those that have been trained are called to influence others. We are very grateful to The Congo Tree for organising the training in our school.” Mr. Prefect of Studies at the Jericho School

Another teacher shared his experience at our recent graduation event in September 2016:

“At first, I wondered what these young facilitators could teach me and the students. I was  really curious. The first session was exciting and engaging, and well led by the facilitators… I went willingly to every session and now I’m sharing what I learnt with other teachers in my school”

The schools project has also been a great place for our new team of facilitators to practice their skills. Working together as a team, they have been meeting to prepare weekly and taking on the challenge to make each session as informative, creative and fun as possible. 

“Our style of co-facilitation has been going very well and we were able to adapt the lesson according to the audience that was in front of us. The facilitators have been really creative in their presentations to enrich the participants’ understanding.” Medi, Facilitation Team Leader

Having been approached by both teachers and parents about possibilities of them also taking part in the WYLD programme, we are now looking at ways that we can support and equip those who are