‘Projet Ecole’ 20173rd August 2017

This year, our ‘Projet Ecole’ team took the WYLD programme to 120 students in 4 schools in Goma, DRC. Our aims were:

– To support the development of students’ self-awareness, confidence and transferable skills, as well as increasing their emotional resilience through making new friends and having a sustainable support network;

– To bring students together from a range of backgrounds, equipping them to be peace-makers, problem-solvers and leaders who brought hope in their school and beyond;

– To inspire students to remain engaged in their education and future plans, through training and mentoring.

Here are some of the thoughts of the amazing students we have worked with this year, sharing the most important thing that they had learnt or discovered through doing the WYLD programme with The Congo Tree:


Jean (featured photo) is in his 4th Year of Business and Technology studies.

EN: “This training has helped me to live in harmony with others.”

FR: << Cette formation m’a aidé sur le plan moral, vivre avec les autres. >>


Esther: 5th Year studentimg_0022

“Throughout childhood I was raised within the isolation of my family. Even when I went to school, I was always on my own and had no friends. However, with the training I received from The Congo Tree, I came to understand the importance of others and how to benefit from their experiences. Today I am in the process of integrating myself into multiple groups. I have friends now. I want to say thank you to The Congo Tree.”

<< Mon Histoire est que depuis mon plus bas âge, nous avons été élevé étant enfermer avec nous même dans la famille, même à  l’école je suis toujours seul et sans amies. Mais avec la formation de The Congo Tree je viens de savoir l’importance des autres et de bénéficier de leurs expériences. Maintenant là , je suis en train de m’intégrer dans plusieurs groupes et tirer les bénéfices d’eux. Je dis grand merci a The Congo Tree >>.




Pamela : 4th year in Business and Administrative studies.

“I have learnt a lot about self-awareness. Before the programme, I often under-estimated myself. However through training we looked at being self-aware and I came to learn how important I am.”

<< J’ai fort retenu la connaissance de soi car au paravent je me sous-estimais. Quand j’ai été formé, on m’a parlé de la connaissance et je vite compris que je devais me donnée de l’importance. >>





Kamala is a student of Business and Administrative studies (photo with his mentee)

“I am very happy with the training from The Congo Tree because it has opened up the possibility for me to discover and identify myself as a leader.”

<< Je suis content de cette formation à notre institution car m’a permis de se découvrir et m’a permis de m’identifier comme leader. >>





Kerene: 4th year in Business and Administrative studies.

“I learnt that you have to be able to understand yourself in order to understand others. When it came to mentoring, I let my mentee speak about what she knew and I re-evaluated what I knew because I’m not always right.”

<< J’ai appris qu’on doit se connaitre pour la connaissance des autres. Dans le mentorat, je laisse ma menti me parler de ce qu’elle connait, je me ressource de ce qu’elle a dit car ce pas moi qui a toujours raison. >>



img_0015-2Hodari:  4th Year

“With the help of The Congo Tree, we have improved our way of life: in particular in discovering our capabilities (our strengths). I know that I am special and capable of transforming those around me. Since the second session, I made a big decision to share what I have learnt with others. I did this by using the visions and objectives of The Congo Tree. I know that with big visions we can change the world.”

<< Avec The Congo Tree nous nous avons amélioré notre façon de faire, surtout découvrir nos capacités (nos forces) je sais que je suis spéciale et capable de transformer mon entourage. Depuis la deuxième séance, j’ai pris une grande décision qui est entré d’avoir des disciples dans mon entourage. Ceci est travaillé en nous basant sur les visions ou les objectifs. Je sais qu’avec des grandes visions nous pouvons changer le monde >>




Denis and Asha: 5th year students of Maths and Physics.

Denis: “Before the training I would make a decision based on anger, but now I have learnt how to make good decisions and control my anger”

<< Avant, je pouvais décider par colère mais ici j’ai appris comment décider et gérer ma colère. >>

Asha: “Now I know how to express myself well in front of people. Because I am no longer embarrassed, I can stand up for myself without any problems.”

<< Je sais comment m’exprimer devant les gens car je ne plus honte et je me défends sans problème. >>


The School Secretary: Majengo School

“We want to say a big thank you to The Congo Tree because since last year we have felt the positive impact from the different student training sessions. Even this year, where I myself wanted to take part, I found that the training is so important because it is transforming the Congolese youth who are without hope and struggling with self-discipline. Today I can personally witness to the success of the training for them because they react differently now. This training has broadened the views of so many young people. A huge thank you to The Congo Tree.”

<< Nous disons grand merci pour The Congo Tree car depuis l’année passée nous avons senti l’impact de ces différentes formations avec les eleves. Et pour cette année où moi-même je voulu prendre part, je trouve que cela est très important car c’est une transformation de la jeunesse Congolaise sans espoir et sans encadrement. Aujourd’hui personnellement je peux témoigner de la réussite de cette formation pour ces jeunes car réagit différemment maintenant. Que cette formation s’élargisse à un grand nombre des jeunes. Grand merci a The Congo Tree. >