Leader Mentor’s Training, Feb-Mar 201424th March 2014

From egg bombs to people BINGO, sinking ships to lakes of lava, our newest group of Leader Mentors finished their training just two weeks ago. We spent four brilliant days together learning about leadership, communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and much more through creative, interactive activities and discussions.

To put all this training into practice, the Team Challenge saw two teams work together throughout the four days to develop a social action project. On the final day, they presented their project to a panel of judges in an attempt to secure $100 to make it a reality… and both teams managed to do just that, with one project focusing on agricultural support for the most vulnerable and the other supporting women in leadership in the local community.

The training culminated in the presentation of certificates to everyone who completed the training. We are so excited to have them as Leader Mentors for The Congo Tree!

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