Focus on: Parents20th July 2018

At our recent graduation and celebration event in Goma, in April 2018,  we asked some parents to share their personal experience of The Congo Tree and the impact on their young person as they watched their son or daughter spend a year with us. This is what one parent shared publicly with us:

“My name is Karen* and I am Sarah’s* mother. I am touched by the work this organisation has done, they have given their body and soul to enrich the young people in Goma.

Put simply, when my daughter bought me a form to fill in for her participation in a year of training at the start of last year, being her mother, I was concerned for my daughter and I was curious as to what it was. After checking it out, I gave my daughter permission to go.

From the first month I began to see changes in my daughter’s behaviour. She learnt how to organise her time and she began to be more social, more interested in other people’s problems. During her time at The Congo Tree, I discovered that my daughter could be helpful, both in the house and in the community. One example is that she really helped others her age by explaining and modelling a better way to live their lives. We also heard great testimonies from Sarah’s teachers who witnessed a change in her desire to be at school and even in the way she worked alongside her classmates.

This training has really helped my daughter and for that I say thank you so much. I am grateful to Abigail*, her mentor, who was like a big sister to my daughter. Throughout the year Abigail has given Sarah a good code to live by and has positively changed her life, so much so that I call Abigail my daughter too.

“I feel like my daughter Sarah will do great things in her future.”

I would absolutely recommend that other parents let their children go through this training with The Congo Tree, it is a chance for our children to develop personally and prepare for their future lives. We want this type of training from The Congo Tree to continue and wish that one day the majority of the young people in our country would have the opportunity for such transformation.”


Sarah and Abigail at their graduation with their teammates.

*All names changed to protect identities