Focus on a Young Leader: Julien20th May 2019

Julien lives in Goma and is a student of the arts at Mwanga College, with a passion for reading. Interview by Sage. 

As a young leader mentored by Paisible, Julien was impressed by his mentor’s ability to speak out and share his opinion. Due to cultural context and the various problems faced within their country, particularly in North-Kivu, youth are generally not given the chance to speak in front of people. And, like many other youth, Julien was afraid of speaking out even if there was an opportunity. Yet, through his time and training on the WYLD programme, he says he is now able to speak in front of people, no matter who they are.

Julien has been dreaming of setting up his own men’s hair salon for some time. He says that his mentor has also helped him to make this a reality!

Julien explained to us how it is truly a privilege to go through challenging times with his mentor. With the various frameworks and training that he received, he came to realise that it is important to work hard throughout life, because his future depends on it.

“I began small, with the idea of my own hair salon and, with time, I have developed a big plan which will help me financially in the future. I need to continue to advance further than where I currently am.”

Julien now accepts that in order to succeed in life, it is necessary to strive and work hard: “You become big by thinking big.”