10 years of impact6th February 2024

Ten years of inspiration and transformation: The Congo Tree nurtures leadership in Congolese youth

For the past decade, we have been passionately committed to carving out a promising future for Congolese youth. Based mainly in Goma, but also present in the Masisi and Rutshuru regions, we have established ourselves as a catalyst for change, offering training in personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship to more than 1,300 young people.

At the heart of The Congo Tree’s impact is an innovative mentoring programme, pairing experienced mentors with enthusiastic young people. This approach has proven its effectiveness, encouraging a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience that transcends generational barriers.

The results are tangible, with these young people becoming undeniable agents of change within their communities. Their personal and professional transformation is evident, and their ability to create a positive impact is spreading like a ripple through the regions where The Congo Tree operates, as well as around the world.

Our success lies in our ongoing commitment to Congolese youth, with an approach focused on empowerment and capacity building. The success stories that emerge from these programmes are inspiring, illustrating how investment in young people can catalyse lasting change.

As we celebrate a decade of positive impact, the vision persists: to inspire, support and equip Congolese youth for a bright future. By providing tools and opportunities, we are actively helping to shape leaders and entrepreneurs who, in turn, will continue to build a better Congo.